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In  collaboration with sustainability experts Ampersand Partners, impactvise Advisory services support LSPs in strengthening their ESG initiatives and positioning. Taking over the insights from Analytics, the Advisory team establishes the baseline for ESG performance, sets the agenda and ambitions, identifies the gaps, and develops a roadmap for improving the sustainability positioning. Furthermore, to maximize the returns of the LSP’s investment in ESG positioning, Advisory can support execution and targeted communications to stakeholders.

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The team will be hosting introductory workshops (60-90 mins sessions) for firms and organisations wanting to know more about impactvise and our Advisory service. The agenda of the workshop will be:


  • Introduction to impactvise

  • Fundamentals - insights from impactvise research and analysis

  • Advisory Methodology - a snapshot of how Advisory supports the ESG transformation journey of legal service providers through a targeted, high impact support approach 

  • Team, Structure, and Process

For more information on our workshops, please contact us at

to register your interest, and we will get back to you to schedule the session as per your convenience.