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Applying cutting-edge technology,  impactvise monitors thousands of data points against a set of legal-sector-specific criteria to offer a dynamic snapshot of an LSP/firm’s ESG performance.

Using a proprietary rubric that reflects the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) core metrics of governance, planet, people, and prosperity, and a firm’s ESG transparency, our platform:

  • Objectively assesses and compares LSPs on their ESG initiatives, commitments, and performance-based on owned-website data, media publications, and other publicly available materials;

  • Maps firm’s performance against impactvise’s proprietary framework to clearly benchmark against other LSPs in the space;

  • Removes the guesswork involved for law firms determining which voluntary standards to apply by providing a legal industry-specific standard; and

  • Allows corporate clients and other interested parties to find the most appropriate legal representation to fit their organization’s values and priorities.

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impactvise utilizes Machine Learning and NLP techniques to rate an LSP's ESG positioning and action

Machine Learning

Deep learning algorithms are used to retrieve topics and analyze vast amount of texts, mapping it to the relevant classes. We do the heavy lifting work for you.

Real-Time Updates

Stop relying on rarely updated data. impactvise provides (near) real-time updates of its ESG data, driven by news monitoring and web crawling.


impactvise’s sophisticated algorithms recognize the topics, positive or negative sentients, and the objectivity or subjectivity of a specific text.

Risk Management Tools

Use our tool to stay on top of new information and developing risks or controversies. Track and monitor the LSPs you are working with.

High-Quality Data

We provide top-quality ESG data for legal firms and teams to track their performance and progress their goals. We provide corporate professionals the same informatioon so they may check the ESG performance of firms they may hire.

Improve your ESG reputation

We provide general insight into all data scores, giving your firm valuable information on what topics/where and how you can improve your scores.

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Artificial Intelligence and tailored ESG metrics produce trusted results


A law firm’s website is the main channel to report on ESG efforts. Beyond the law firm’s website, impactvise finds additional and relevant ESG-related information in the data universe


Law firms can compare what the firm says about itself to what others are saying about the firm


Data is analyzed through our proprietary methodology to make ESG data comparable, regardless of the firm’s existing sustainability reporting framework