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In order to leverage the considerable role, presence, and power of legal service providers (LSPs) to

create sustainable change, act for impact, and lead through advising, legal professionals must first be credible and knowledgeable advocates for ESG.

 Using a comprehensive "Triple A"  ANALYTICS - ACADEMY - ADVISORY approach, impactvise helps LSPs - and the companies and peoples they advise - reach their ESG and sustainability goals, sooner.

Proprietary, AI-fueled data analysis provides means for LSPs to monitor a firm's ESG performance and benchmark against others

​WEF-based framework used to establish an objective, third-party assessment of a law firm's ESG-related initatives

Collaboration with INSEAD offers certified training for lawyers to deep-dive into business aspects of ESG

Live, virtual training to educate LSPs on sustainability principles and the business aspects of ESG, and how best to foster impact through advising - a clear differentiator as compared to existing technical legal training on ESG


In collaboration with strategic management consultancy Ampersand Partners, impactvise offers bespoke ESG and sustainability-oriented solutions to LSPs across the globe

Strategy and support for how LSPs can effectively accelerate their sustainability transformation

Whether at a law firm or an in-house legal department, impactvise provides the means to:

  • monitor, track progress of, and improve credibility on ESG issues and sustainability;

  • meet and exceed the ever-increasing expectations of clients, talent, and society at large; and

  • shape the legal market of the future.



Stand OUT for what you stand FOR.

Know that you're in the right hands.



impactvise aspires to create lasting and positive impact by catalyzing the legal industry to be a force for good.




impactvise is purpose-driven, led by industry experts. Meet our highly experienced and engaged team -
or better yet, join us!



impactvise believes leveraging the power of LSPs is a necessary step to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

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impactvise Sustainability Programme for Legal Professionals