our 'AAA' approach to ESG


Applying cutting-edge technology,  impactvise monitors thousands of data points against a set of legal industry specific criteria to offer a dynamic snapshot of an LSP/firm’s ESG performance.

Using a proprietary rubric that reflects the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) core metrics of governance, planet, people, and prosperity, and a firm’s ESG transparency, our platform:

  • Objectively assesses and compares LSPs on their ESG initiatives, commitments, and performance-based on owned-website data, media publications, and other publicly available materials

  • Maps firm’s performance against impactvise’s proprietary framework to clearly benchmark against other LSPs in the space

  • Removes the guesswork involved for law firms determining which voluntary standards to apply by providing a legal industry-specific standard

  • Allows corporate clients and other interested parties to find the most appropriate legal representation to fit their organization’s values and priorities


In line with the call for consistent sustainability reporting standards generally, and for the legal industry, specifically, impactvise has adapted the WEF metrics to reflect the most useful and materially relevant for those within and across the legal sector. Our aim is to establish an objective way to track, benchmark, build stakeholder alignment for, and eventually action ESG goals within the legal profession.



In collobration with sustainability experts Ampersand Partners, we support LSPs in strengthening their ESG initiatives and positioning.


Taking over the insights from analytics, the advisory services establish the baseline for ESG performance, sets the agenda and ambitions, identifies the gaps, and develops a roadmap for improving the sustainability positioning. Furthermore, to maximize the returns of the LSP’s investment in ESG positioning, Advisory can support execution and targeted communication to stakeholders.

Advisory sets out a three-step approach to help companies through their ESG transformation:

1) Assess baseline and identify benchmarks for moving forward

2) Define target ESG identity, priorities, and set agenda

3) Develop and deliver transformation plan



​​Today’s legal advisors must provide informed counsel that meets the demands of 21st-century society and stakeholder capitalism - advice must go beyond mere technical compliance with existing laws and regulations to consider stakeholder impact, evolving societal expectations, and the landscape of the future.


In partnership with INSEAD, impactvise offers certified training geared towards legal service professionals that are keen to both understand and lead ESG initiatives.

This course encourages modern legal professionals to see themselves as positive actors for sustainability, bridging professional influence, creativity, and opportunity with a personal ambition to advance ‘acting for impact’ and sustainability in law and business


While not technical legal training, the course emphasizes knowledge and certification for those actioning sustainability internally at their organisation. Most specifically, this course benefits:


  • Legal professionals at law firms, who can better position themselves as credible advisors, securing their social license to operate as well as new business and competitive advantages; and 

  • General Counsels and in-house legal departments, who can more effectively shape their company’s ESG agenda and align core strategy to advance their company’s purpose and aims.