impactvise Launches Industry-First Sustainability Report Card for Law Firms

Zug, Switzerland - June 7, 2022 - impactvise AG, an industry-leading ESG data analytics, sustainability consulting and educational training provider to the legal sector, has launched the industry’s first sustainability report card specifically for legal service providers (LSPs).

The report card will give law firms a 360 degree view of how they are performing on sustainability by measuring three areas:

  • ESG Metrics: Measures the performance of a firm based on the World Economic Forum/ International Business Council metrics in 18 core metrics tailored to the legal Market

  • Transparency: Measures the firm’s transparency when it comes to reporting on ESG performance commitment, according to a recognised standard (eg. WEF, SDG and UN Global Compact)

  • Impact: Measures external impact made by the firm through their pro-bono work, ESG skills, ESG products and services, thought leadership publications and events.

Law firms will be able to see how they compare across countries and against their three main competitors.

​Applying cutting-edge technology, impactvise monitors thousands of data points against a set of legal industry specific criteria to offer a dynamic snapshot of an legal service provider’s (LSP) sustainability performance.

In line with the call for consistent sustainability reporting standards generally, and for the legal industry, specifically, impactvise has adapted the WEF metrics to reflect the most useful and materially relevant for those within and across the legal sector.

Adrian Peyer, Co-founder and CEO of impactvise, said:

“Law firms are at the forefront of navigating their clients through environmental, social and governance obligations. As a result, their clients are increasingly asking their legal advisors to prove their commitment to best practice in these areas. For the first time, our report card enables law firms to demonstrate to their clients and society that they are leading by example, and also enables them to identify areas where they can improve.”

About impactvise AG

Created by lawyers, for lawyers, impactvise is the first AI-driven startup that provides performance insight, educational training, and strategic advisory services for ESG and sustainability to legal service providers (“LSPs”) and in-house legal departments globally.