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as the first ESG analytics and ESG advisory platform catering specifically to the global legal sector, we help law firms and in-house legal teams, as well as the companies and individuals they advise, reach their ESG and sustainability goals, sooner.

Thanks to the evolving expectations of clients, customers, employees, shareholders, regulators and society at large, environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) considerations are now part of today’s “business as usual.” 


While solutions for public markets and investment communities to gauge ESG-related performance abound, comprehensive, standardized efforts to address the unique needs of legal service providers (LSPs) - be they at law firms or in-house legal teams - in meeting and exceeding these new sustainability goals have been absent.

Until now.


our offerings

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ESG Report Card for Law Firms

Customised ESG perfomance report card informed by an industry-leading database of global law firms' ESG performance through the lens of WEF Stakeholder Capitalism metrics. Used by law firms and in-house legal teams to monitor ESG initiatives across firms, and to streamline the RFP process for client-firm engagements.

​​On Demand

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Introductory 'ESG for Legal Teams' Workshop

Available to law firms and in-house legal teams at companies and organisations, these 60-90 minute sessions offer insights from impactvise's research on ESG performance and data analysis, as well as an overview of a bespoke strategic ESG and sustainability plan for your organisation.


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The impactvise Sustainability Programme for Legal Professionals

In partnership with leading global business school INSEAD, the impactvise Sustainability Programme for Legal Professionals aims to shape the next generation of inspiring legal leaders who will accelerate the sustainability transition. Strengthen your team's fundamental understanding of the intersections of law, business, and ESG to build credible ESG advisors for your company and clients.

September 2022


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